About Us

Our Vision
To be your full service Business Solutions for all your Automotive needs

Our Mission
Our vision at Birchwood's Business Solutions Department is to provide the business community with a dedicated team that is trained to meet its special needs. Besides being able to provide you with a vehicle from any one of Birchwood's network of dealerships that will fulfill your needs, we also are able to provide you with the style of financing to meet your businesses cash flow or tax requirements. You will find that we are interested in a long term relationship with you and that when we quote you a price and a payment plan, we will have your best interest in mind.

Birchwood GM was founded by Robert M Chipman in 1963 based on the philosophy to provide automotive products and services that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Team
Birchwood Business Solutions has an industry-leading team of seasoned business and commercial sales professionals who will work with you to keep your business moving. When it comes to specific product knowledge, drop-shipping, tracking of factory orders, up-fitting, and inventory for "out-of-stock" requirements, our team is trained to handle your unique business needs and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

We know you are busy running your business, that's why we will come to you. Just contact us for an appointment.