What is a Demonstrator

Your Questions Answered

Advantages to Buying a Demo

  • Significant savings on new models
  • Great value for hard earned money
  • Equipped with the latest features
  • Well maintained
  • Driven and cared for by trusted staff
  • Better resale value

Buying a demonstrator vehicle is a great way to save big on an (almost) new car.

These vehicles are driven by our trusted team and although there may be a few kilometers on the odometer, they have never been registered to an owner, meaning they are still officially new!

Birchwood Chevrolet, Buick, GMC has an extensive inventory of demo cars, trucks and SUV’s for sale. We like to carry a variety of dealer demos for our customers to choose from.

Take a look at our current inventory for sale and save big money on your next like-new vehicle!

Frequesntly Asked Questions

What is a demonstrator (demo) vehicle?
A demo vehicle is a new car, truck or SUV that has been used by dealership staff, but has never been sold or registered to a customer. They are well cared for by dealership staff and usually have low mileage, making them practically new.

How many kilometres are on a demo vehicle?
Demo vehicles usually have 4000-8000 kilometres under their belt, but this can vary. Speak with your sales associate about the demo vehicle you’re looking at to confirm exact mileage.

Do demo vehicles qualify for warranty?
Yes! Although your factory warranty may be shorter than if you purchased the vehicle brand new, warranties are typically transferable and extended warranty options are also an option. Talk to a representative about your warranty.

Do demo vehicles qualify for factory incentives and finance/lease rates?
Yes! Demonstrator vehicles are eligible for the same rates and incentives that any new vehicle of the same model/trim level would qualify for.