Best Priced Dealer Award

Selecting the winners: It’s all in the data

The iQ Inventory Algorithm uses real-time pricing data to provide you with guidance on the price of cars listed on our website.

When viewing listings online, you’ll see the badges showing ‘Great Price’, ‘Good Price’, and so on. Dealers who consistently price their cars well according to the iQ Inventory Algorithm are awarded the Best Priced Dealer Award.

  • Helps you find great deals in your area.
  • Identifies dealerships with a proven commitment to fair and transparent prices.
  • Makes it easier for you to shop with confidence on

Best Priced Dealer Awards: Q&A

Q: What are the Best Priced Dealer Awards?

A: The Best Priced Dealer Awards were created to help Canadian automotive find dealerships that consistently reach our statistically backed Best Priced benchmark throughout the year.

Q: Why is the award for Canadian shoppers?

A: The Best Priced Dealer Award makes it easier for you to identify dealerships that are committed to offering fair and transparent pricing.

Q: How does choose the winners?

A: does not personally select the winners. The iQ Inventory Algorithm provides real-time pricing data so they can identify dealerships with the highest percentage of ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ price badges on their vehicle inventory throughout the year.

The top dealerships by province and region are selected to receive the award.

Q: When are winners announced?

A: The Best Priced Dealer Awards were announced in March 2020.


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