Manufacturer Loans

Manufacturer loans allow customers to finance the base price of their vehicle. These loans may also include the cost of additional vehicle options, added costs like shipping and PDI and even the vehicle sales taxes. Manufacturer loans offer competitive interest rates, promotions and even loyalty programs for repeat customers.

Birchwood is proud to offer manufacturer loans to its customers. With 21 different automotive brands and a network of dealerships, Birchwood can help you get the best manufacturer loan for your vehicle.

Bank Loans

Bank loans can be put towards the purchase price of a vehicle but are only available to approved borrowers. The payment schedule and terms may differ depending on if you buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Bank loans are beneficial as you can pay them off early in-full and once it’s paid off, the vehicle is yours.

Birchwood is happy to partner with Canadian banks to offer automotive financing on new and pre-owned vehicles.

Birchwood Credit

Sometimes, challenges in life can make owning a vehicle difficult. If your credit is less than perfect, it’s possible that you’ve had a hard time getting approved for a vehicle loan. Birchwood Credit can help you get approved.

Unlike other automotive dealerships who outsource their loan providers, Birchwood Credit provides credit itself. Which means you get credit from someone who’s credible. Birchwood Credit’s application process is conveniently online and quick to complete.

Rebuild Your Credit Score With Auto Loans

The majority of your credit score is based on two things: your credit history and how much of your credit you’re using. Making consistent, on-time payments on something like an automotive loan for at least one year shows lenders you’re credible. Plus, vehicle loans are known as secure loans because they’re backed up by collateral – the vehicle. Meaning, if the borrower doesn’t make their payments, the vehicle can get repossessed. Secure loans are also more likely to have lower interest rates.

The length of your credit history is also a big factor. The longer you make consistent, on-time payments, the better your credit history. Keep your auto loan for at least one year, even if you’re able to pay it off earlier. This will build trust with lenders by proving you have a history of reliability.

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