What are the top 5 most fuel-efficient vehicles?

Whether it’s taking less frequent trips to the pump, or doing your part for the environment, fuel efficiency is important when choosing your new vehicle, and can also help with you budget. Here is our list of the most fuel-efficient models.

Number 5 – the Chevrolet Colorado

  • Won best mid-size truck fuel efficiency for 2019
  • Its 2.5L engine gets a combined fuel economy of 10.8L / 100 KM, which is comparable with a family sedan, and this vehicle provides the added flexibility of a truck!

Number 4 – the Chevrolet Bolt

  • An affordable all-electric car
  • Up to 383 KM of pure electric range on a full charge
  • If your average daily commute is 80 KM round-trip, you’ll have more than enough range to get through the day, without plugging in!

Number 3 – the Chevrolet Spark

  • This vehicle won best subcompact fuel economy
  • Gets a combined fuel economy of 7.1L / 100 KMs
  • Small car with big features including a 7-inch display and USB ports

Number 2 – the Buick Encore

  • A small luxury SUV
  • Gets a combine fuel economy of 8.7L / 100 KMs
  • Efficiency with flexibility without compromising on luxury features

Number 1 – the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

  • A vehicle with a combined fuel economy of 5.1 L / 100KMs, with a 1.8L engine
  • Driver efficiency gauge gives you information on your driving habits to help improve your fuel economy

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