What is vehicle financing?

Vehicle financing means that you’ll borrowing the amount of money needed to cover the purchase price of the vehicle. It can the whole amount shown on the bill of sale, or a smaller amount, if you are making an up-front down payment.

Lenders and Payments:

  • Financing a vehicle can be done directly through us, with General Motors Financial, or through a bank.
  • We help you to schedule a loan with bi-weekly or monthly payments to align with your pay periods most effectively, and ultimately make your purchase more comfortable. This will help you to maintain your currently lifestyle and make the payments more affordable.

Interest rates:

  • Depending on the vehicle, financing can start as low as 0%, making it an affordable option for many.
  • 0% financing means it will not cost you anything to borrow the money for the loan, ensuring your own money is still earning interest in the bank.

How we help:

  • At Birchwood Chevrolet Buick GMC, one of our qualified Finance Managers will meet with you, and help you go through all your options.
  • They will walk through the options available from the many financial institutions we work with, and help you get approved at the best possible rate.
  • They can also discussion various insurance options, such as life, disability, or other insurances that can help you with any unexpected situations that may arise during the term of your loan.

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